Project Cost Estimation Software

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Estimating a project can be tricky. There are a lot of unknowns and a lot of assumptions being made that may or may not be correct. The primary job when putting together a cost estimation for a project is to whittle these unknowns and assumptions down to their bare roots and figure out what needs further clarification and what is known enough to be estimated. Estimation software often can’t help with that part, that’s what human brains are for!

5 Best Learning Management Systems for Non Profits

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Discover the top 5 Learning Management Systems for Non Profits.
Running a non profit can be hard work. Non profits have unique challenges that can add to the complexity of keeping them going. High staff turnover, working with (sometimes unreliable) volunteers, trying to maximize your impact while minimizing costs, all while staying accountable to your donors. All of these make it even more important that you establish repeatable systems and processes that run themselves as much as possible.