From Proposal to Profit: Create a Quote That Wins!

Creating a winning project quote is a pivotal skill for any project manager. The quality of a quote can determine whether a client decides to engage your services or looks elsewhere. Factors such as clarity, detail, professionalism, and accuracy all play critical roles in crafting a quote that stands out. But beyond the numbers and […]

How to Write a Proposal (And Close the Deal!)

Creating project proposals that win clients is a critical skill for any project manager. However, estimating project costs and timelines accurately can be daunting, especially when using traditional methods like Excel spreadsheets. That’s where Simple Estimate comes in—a tool designed to streamline the project estimation process and help you close deals with confidence. In this […]

Simple Estimate’s New Recurring Price Feature

Introducing a game-changer for project managers: Simple Estimate’s new recurring price feature. This addition promises to simplify the management of repetitive tasks and services, ensuring estimates are both accurate and consistent. Here’s an in-depth look at how this feature can revolutionize project management and increase profitability. Streamlined Project Estimation Manually entering the same prices repeatedly […]

Master Project Estimation with Simple Estimate

Accurate project estimation is a critical aspect of successful project management. For project managers, the ability to predict the time, cost, and resources required to complete a project is essential for maintaining budgets, allocating resources efficiently, and ensuring profitability. Leveraging tools like Simple Estimate can help you quickly create accurate, reliable estimates that will allow […]

Simple Estimate’s New Duplicate Feature: A Game Changer for Project Managers

In project management, time is one of your most valuable assets. Simple Estimate is excited to introduce a new feature designed to save considerable time: the Duplicate Feature. As a seasoned SaaS provider, Simple Estimate understands how small tweaks can make a significant difference. This new feature aims to streamline the project estimation process, making […]