Simple Estimate’s New Recurring Price Feature

Introducing a game-changer for project managers: Simple Estimate’s new recurring price feature. This addition promises to simplify the management of repetitive tasks and services, ensuring estimates are both accurate and consistent. Here’s an in-depth look at how this feature can revolutionize project management and increase profitability.

Streamlined Project Estimation

Manually entering the same prices repeatedly for recurring tasks or services can be a major time sink. With the new recurring price feature, this tedious process is streamlined. Project managers can set up recurring prices once, allowing Simple Estimate to handle the rest. This feature saves considerable time by eliminating the need for repetitive data entry.

The recurring price feature also enables project managers to show clients a detailed breakdown of the recurring costs of a project, with customizable timeframes. This transparency helps clients understand the ongoing financial commitment, fostering trust and clear communication. By allowing customization of timeframes, project managers can tailor estimates to align with client budgets and project timelines. Additionally, this feature aids in accurate financial forecasting, ensuring both the client and the service provider have a clear understanding of the long-term costs involved.

Time and Efficiency Gains

One of the most significant benefits of the recurring price feature is time saved. Automation handles recurring price entries, giving project managers more time to focus on strategic tasks. This increased efficiency is crucial in maintaining a competitive edge. Efficiency is key in project management. With automated recurring prices, project planning and budgeting become more streamlined. 

Financial Benefits

Accurate recurring pricing leads to better financial forecasting. With consistent costs accounted for, profitability can be predicted more accurately. Managing budgets for long-term projects can be challenging. The recurring price feature allows for easier budget tracking and adjustments. This helps in managing cash flow and resource allocation, ensuring projects stay on track financially.

How to Get Started

Getting started with the recurring price feature is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Create an Estimate: Navigate to the pricing section of the Simple Estimate dashboard.
  2. Set Recurring Prices: Go to the Recurring Pricing Calculation section to set your recurring price frequency.
  3. Apply to Existing Projects: Assign recurring prices to existing projects by selecting “Edit Estimate Settings.” Set your recurring price frequency under Recurring Pricing Calculation and adjust the project’s scope by entering the “Estimated Project Duration.”
  4. Review and Adjust: Regularly review and adjust entries to ensure they remain accurate.

Tips for Optimizing the Recurring Price Feature

To get the most out of the recurring price feature, consider these tips:

  • Regularly Update Prices: Ensure recurring prices reflect any changes in costs or service rates.
  • Use Templates: Create templates for common project types to save even more time.
  • Monitor Performance: Keep an eye on how this feature impacts overall efficiency and make adjustments as needed.

The recurring price feature in Simple Estimate is designed to make the project estimation process more accurate, consistent, and efficient. By automating recurring price entries, project managers save time, reduce errors, and enhance financial planning.

Project managers ready to revolutionize their estimation processes can try out Simple Estimate’s new recurring price feature today. Signing up for a free trial or requesting a working session will showcase how this feature can benefit their projects. Simple Estimate makes managing estimates easier than ever.

For additional resources and support, book a working session with one of our experts who can guide you through the process step-by-step.

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