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Multiple roles and rates?
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Use rate cards to define your team’s roles and rates. We simplify estimating the right roles and prices for each task.

Estimate templates to start your project faster.

Create custom templates to save time when creating new estimates. Save multiple templates for the projects you see often and partial templates that you can insert into any estimate.

Save estimate revisions
using snapshots.

Creating an estimate is a process — estimates get changed by internal and external stakeholders throughout a project. With snapshots, you can keep past versions of those project changes so that you can go back and reference them when you need to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who has used their trusty spreadsheet over and over can attest that it will break down over time. Calculations get missed, items don’t get totalled correctly, and styling gets mixed up with all of the copying and pasting going on. Furthermore sharing the document and getting feedback across a whole team can be a challenge. This software estimate tool simplifies the estimation process, it is a full configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solution.  It enables simple quote sharing

With Simple Estimate, clients can clearly see your thinking and pricing in a simple quote.  It builds trust and confidence in your buyer.  This leads to more wins. Once you experience the difference, Simple Estimate will become a integral cog in your sales process.

PERT helps you take uncertainty into account when estimating projects. PERT requires a three point estimate. This means that you estimate the low (optimistic), most likely (realistic) and high (pessimistic) hourly hours for each line item in your estimate.  Simple Estimate  uses the PERT formula to calculate accurate cost estimates. The PERT formula was developed by the US Navy in 1957.

Simple Estimate: PERT Formula 

Not yet, but soon, we see many benefit of enabling integrations with popular CRMs, time tracking, and project management tools in the future. We will also offer an API so that you can gain programmatic access to your estimates and an experienced developer may be able to integrate with your tool of choice. Suggest and vote for features and integrations here.

No, Simple Estimate is for the configure, price, and quote (CPQ) steps of the sales process. In our opinion an estimate is not the same thing as an invoice. (Even though many simplistic web tools believe they are!) This estimate tool helps project managers deal with the uncertainty of planning projects with multiple people and moving parts involved. Project planning and estimating is a difficult and amorphous task that tries to predict hours and costs in order to help a project move forward. This tool does not collect funds or signatures for projects yet.  Simple Estimate streamlines the configure, price, and quote (CPQ) steps of the sales process.


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