Faster & Easier Estimates

Throw the spreadsheets away. Make the estimation process a breeze.

simple estimate creation software
Fast and easy estimation creation

Fast and Easy

Make estimating a snap. Pre-defined roles and rates allow you to quickly create estimates.

No Spreadsheets

No Spreadsheets

Leave the archaic spreadsheets behind! No more accidental overwrites and worries about incorrect formulas.

Simple estimate sharing

Simple Sharing

It's as easy to share an estimate as it is to create it. Estimates can be shared online or as a PDF.

Accurate Estimates

More Accurate

Create your estimates with best practices in mind; you can do one, two, or three point estimation! PMP's rejoice.

Multiple Roles and Rates Per Task

Multiple Roles/Rates? No Problem.

Simplestimate was designed for companies where many people are involved in a project and each of those people have different roles and billable rates. Enter their rates one time, and when you choose that role their rate is filled in.

Simple Estimate Templates

Don't Recreate the Wheel

Estimate templates help you create a starting point so you don't have to start from scratch every time. You can have multiple templates for the variety of projects you see from day to day.

Estimate Versioning Software

Keep Past Versions

We understand that creating an estimate is a process. Estimates get changed over time by internal and external stakeholders. With versions, you can mark those points so that you can reference them when you need to.

Share Estimates Easier Than Excel Documents

Sharing Made Simple

Get projects started sooner! When an estimate is ready, stakeholders need to see it. You can either send them an online share or export a PDF that can be passed around the office.

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Lu Prinsen

Project Manager

“Simplestimate is a great tool to create better project estimates. It's easy to use, intuitive and streamlines my process so I can provide estimates to my clients quickly and efficiently.”

Clay Johnston

Clay Johnston

Owner, Sprung Interactive

“Creating and tracking estimates is a key activity to the revenue of my web development business. Simplestimate allows me to concentrate on writing an accurate estimate without the clutter of other unneeded fields and tools. It is simply a better way to estimate my work. Bravo!”

Andrew Nielsen

Andrew Nielsen

Freelance Web Developer

“I love how easy Simplestimate is to use and how fast it allows me to pull estimates together! It is a great way to quickly generate estimates and send them to my clients.”

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